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Found 18th Nov 2010
just been playing on COD black ops and the ps3 has just turned it self off and i tried to start it again, the power (green) light flashes red and the turns orange and goes to red everytime
has anyone come accross this before? and if so, is it [email protected]&$ed?


YLOD i think, you still have warranty?

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nope, got it from gamestation over a year ago (2nd hand)

Google "YLOD", then cry.

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how can i fix it? is it possible for me to do it?
and how much? i just bought a 40'' tv aswell to play on it!!!!! gutted aint the word got the tv today


nope, got it from gamestation over a year ago (2nd hand)

have you spent your winnings from your bet the other week? if not you will dip into it now if you want to play on ps3

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spent it, put it towards the tv :/, and lent some out haha, how much would it cost to fix it?

via sony it would cost 131 out of warranty repair IIRC, or you could use console doctor i think they are called for a bit cheaper, there is a way you can do it yourself with a hairdryer but in most cases that only provides a window long enough for you to save your gamesaves onto a usb etc and isnt a permanent fix
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