PS3 USB Hub?

    I currently have a 40GB PS3 with only 2 USB ports.

    I have purchased the recent Rock Band Drums offer from Amazon, two of the HMV GH3:Legends of Rock guitars and already had some wired Singstar Mics from my old PS2.

    Now that leaves me with 4 things to plug into the PS3 to play Guitar Hero World Tour but only two ports. Does anyone else have this problem and if so is there a hub available to accomodate 4 accessories?

    I did try two spare USB hubs I have for my PC at hoem but neither of them work.

    Any recommendations or suggestions please?

    Thanks in advance, rep added for assistance.


    I'm sure that there are probably alternatives, but doesn't Rock Band sell a USB hub too? I'm sure I saw it in Game....

    my son rockband cames with usb four usb ports so you must be able to buy it


    Your wish us my command....£14...not too bad with a card reader as well...:thumbsup:

    The 360 rock band pack had a 4-way usb thingy with it - fingers crossed the ps3 drum kit has one bundled for you.

    I got 4 usb's on my PS3:p

    Rock on with the 60gb, otherwise any usb extender works fine (up to 8 I believe)
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