Found 6th Jun 2011
I've just noticed how loud my ps3 is,sounds horrible! should i be concerned (80gb phat)

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What sort of noise ?
It could be something as simple as a fan clogged with dust and crud...

Is it overheating. Mine is in a cabinet and if the door gets shut it can overheat the cooling fans sound like a jet turbine.

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is it worth while opening it up to "hoover" the insides?

shouldnt be that bad loads of room around it for air to circulate

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the noise is the fan but it sound like a battered car fan belt

my step sons 40gb phat was loud, even after cleaning it out. ylod eventually. obviously.

Hmm hard to say.
My 60gb phat makes the occasional odd noises but nothing constant, and it has been going strong since release date. The only constant noise is of course the slight "whirring" noise.
However I would definitely say to hoover the sides of the PS3 every month or so, I do this religiously and no overheating or other such problems as of yet!
I also believe Sony recommend in the PS3's handbook to do this, although someone would have to check me on that

Oh and just read about the "battered car fan belt" noise, that sounds a bit odd
Has the PS3 ever been knocked or dropped? Could be a slightly dislodged fan perhaps?
And are you sure it's the fan and not the hard drive making the noises..?

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its defo the fan - i'd imagine its that much dust inside it

the machine is a dust collector,i dont mean i dont use it it just seems to attract dust all over it

Yeah most likely.
And mine's the same, complete dust magnet... So yeah I'd just say hoover it and clean it out and see what that does (unless it would void any warranties..?)
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