PS3 Virgin needs advice to choose another great game!

Found 11th Nov 2009
Ok at 43years of age I've decided to take the plunge and get myself a nice new PS3.
Having once been a lover of the original Playstation my gameplay was rudely interrupted by the birth of my children but now they are grown up I can now re immerse myself into the Game Zone!

I am waiting for delivery of Modern Warfare but in the meantime what would be the second best game for me to buy for my console?

I'm open to most genres and look forward to your help.

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Grand theft auto 4
Uncharted 2:Among Thieves

Assassins creed 2 next week
All of the above plus a few cheap ones:

Dead Space
Burnout Paradise

All nice ones for the collection, can be found under £10 most places.
Uncharted 2 is really good especially if you liked tomb raider on the ps1!
uncharted 1, then 2. will work out cheaper and you will understand the story better.
metal gear solid 4.
Thanks for the tips I like the sound of uncharted 2 as I used to play Tombraider all the time:thumbsup: I wonder if the graphics have changed much lol

I like the idea of a few budget games too and at around a tenner each that's music to my ears.

I remember well the amazing graphics of Gran Turismo way back then but now I have a 52" lcd and think they may look a tad better:roll:
Killzone 2 is excellent

uncharted 1, then 2. will work out cheaper and you will understand the … uncharted 1, then 2. will work out cheaper and you will understand the story better.metal gear solid 4.bioshock.

Ahhhh right and it will probably save me a few pennies I expect just before Crimbo. I think I will do that as I have no doubt my playing fingers will be a bit rusty too lol and need to be broken in slowly
Mark, being a new convert myself, I would recommend -

Uncharted 2
Resistance 2

I have only had my PS3 1 month, and I am nearly as old as you!
It doesn't take long to get back in to it...Having not had or played an xbox360, all I can say is, that setting up and playing the PS3 has been a breeze. Turned it on, downloaded an update, is wifi out the box, so I was online playing Res 2 in about 5 mins. Finished U2 in less than a week. I am not selling it at the moment, as it is something that I will defo play and complete again.
The graphics are so good, that I was getting vertigo on some of the levels!
Granted it was hooked up to my PJ, but it is tremendous!
I'd definitely agree with post #2, except that Borderlands is a bit of a challenge if you're just getting back into it.

If you're into football, you can't go wrong with Fifa 09 or 10 either.
Some great tips there guys Daughter has just bought me Far Cry 2 for £8.00 from a charlity shop as a surprise, bless her lil cottons. It's taking a while to get used to the controls but I expect they are all pretty similar.
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