Ps3 warranty-should I extend it through Additions -49 quid

    My Ps3 which i got thanks to 30% off deal here will be ex. warranty soon and Additions are calling me offering to extend it for 49 quid...

    It has given me trouble free operation so far so should i go for it??

    Any cheaper options??


    For how long? an extra year?

    Original Poster

    Yep 49 quid for a year..

    Just found this on Amazon...Looks good

    by Allianz Insurance plc
    Price: £35.99


    For how long? an extra year?

    Odds on it failing within that period, vs odds on it failing outwith that period but before you got bored of it and did other things instead, compare all to the £50 gamble (which will be, what, 1/3rd the cost of a new unit by the time your warranty expires?).

    That's how I work out whether a warranty's worth getting, anyway. I don't know what the PS3 failure rates are, or how good additions are at actually providing warranty service, and whether they'd give you a replacement unit or stall for a month and give you a tatty old refurb. Warranties usually are high-profit sales though, so I guess the odds aren't in your favour.

    £49 for the year is a rip off!

    Depends how much you play on your ps3, I've had my 40gb for over 2 years now and I've not had a problem with mine although that £35 deal you mention sounds tempting.

    got mine from very, they are offering 3 years for £86

    Was looking at the Amazon one, but one if you buy a PS3 from Amazon. Good post anyhow.
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