PS3... with controller... and a memory card...

    Could you wonderful people help me? I stupidly volunteered myself in to looking at one for my bf's friend... yet i don't know much about consoles!
    best price is what he's after really, doesn't want to go down the ebay route though!


    all ps3's you buy nowadays has a controller with it. The memory card is non existant nowdays since the PS3 has an in-build Hardrive so worries about that either, People on here oftenly sell them at a reasonable price of around £250 with maybe some games. But in my opinion i wouldnt but a preowned one. Mainly due to the fact people scratch the cases of the PS3 as the color of them are Ceramic Black so very easy to scratch. If you want one new i think the best place to get them would be from Game. You dont want to have a scratched console at the end of the day but unless you can find someone on here that will provide pics of there own PS3 that they're selling with no marks or scratchs and no problems with it then your looking at the £250 mark

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    Ooh thank you! found one with a free blue ray disc so might show them that! (£300) i agree it's far better to buy from a reputable seller!
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