PS3 with phone deals from mobile phone companies

    What is the cheapest way to get a PS3 with a half decent mobile. I imagine it will be a pay monthly and I would like the PS3 to actually turn up.
    Are their any companies to avoid
    I probably pay about £10 a month on PAYG at the moment


    I have done this with [url][/url]. I got a Samsung U900 Soul on Orange Panther with a free PS3 for £45.00 a month. Its an expensive contract but I do use my phone alot so its worth it for me.

    My PS3 is due for delivery tomorrow.

    I don't think you are going to be able to get a free PS3 with a contract under £35 a month.

    Mine is £30 a month and it is only 12 month contract. you get nokia 6300 and free payg samsung phone plus £40 cashback. I searched every phone company and couldnt find anything cheaper or better plus most have to be 18 month contracts but this was only 12 months. Bargain. Also £37.50 quidco cashback. Let me know if you want details cos i think if i reccomend a friend you will get more cashback. Thanks.
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