ps3 yellow light ???

    ive got a yellow light that flashes on my ps3, it works totally fine but it just looks a bit this normal or is there a problem? thank you


    never had that before, maybe it's just the light

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    its right next to the green light above the usb slots....has nobody got this flashing yellow light?

    Is it next to a green flashing light?? I have a little yellow/orange flashing light on the other side to the drive at the bottom, one for hard drive, one for the internet

    From what you said, think its the wireless connection or HDD one, cant remember which colour is for which now!

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    yes it is the other side to the drive, and i have got the internet on it so maybe it's that? its right next to the green light

    Yeah that will be it then, its the wireless internet connection flashing!

    panic over!

    The yellow flashing light on my PS3 is the HDD. Should only flash when saving a game or accessing the hard drive.

    There is a little picture etched onto the PS3 next to the light. What does it look like? A tin can or a dot with waves?

    On mine the internet/wireless connection is a green light when internet is on.

    I have a 40gb PS3 and both lights are next to the USB slots and not above them as you mention. You probably have a 60GB PS3 but the lights should be the same colour.

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    yep melu your right the lights are infact next to the usb slots, i have a 40bg too. thanks amcol and abvance for the help. to quote jason mason "panic over"
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