£35 cashback on car insurance policies when buying through Quidco compare.

Posted 5th Sep 2020
Bought car insurance a few days ago and noticed Quidco were giving £35 on any car insurance policy when you use their comparison for your insurance. It can take up to 90 days to track so I write it off as probably not worth the wait, but after looking around there wasn't much difference in prices between all tlhe usual search sites (compare the market, go compare, topcashback etc) and Quidco compare, making it a good deal (imo).

So just a heads up to those who do have a car insurance renewal coming up.

I believe they're doing a similar deal (on an 'up to' basis) on other insurances but haven't looked into it.
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Extremely expensive car insurance its so expensive to drive if you are in London and a congested areas
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