Groups buy or not to buy?

    I've been offered a ps3 80gb with 7 games (gta IV, Beijing Olympics, gran tourismo 5, singstar and others) 1 controller and 2 mics for £150....what should I do?


    what should I do?

    Buy it?

    depends if your interested in the titles , Sony warranty covers alot.


    Buy it?

    yep, hes right , great deal, get just cause 2 and gta liberty city stories and bad company 2 by trading in all the games

    yep, get it,
    God of war out soon

    Yeah I would buy it.


    yep, get it, God of war out soon

    Yeah a combo of God of War III + Uncharted 2 = Serious win :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    done it....cheers!!


    done it....cheers!!

    You could probably sell the games and make a few quid, then buy some decent ones with it :thumbsup:
    GTAIV is great, and GT5 Prolouge is good too though.

    buy it. great price - you should get it without hesitation!
    then get yourself Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, quickly followed upon its completion by Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.


    Yeah a combo of God of War III + Uncharted 2 = Serious win :thumbsup:

    True indeed :-D

    Seems like a good deal! Buy it! I've done the opposite and bought my mates Xbox off him and hell I'd forgotten how loud the 360 fan is!! After using the PS3 for a while you really notice it!! I've got em all again now!
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