ps4 - added 2tb samsung hdd and randomly get a single beep

    As title says, added a 2tb Samsung hdd which is recommended by lots of sites, so I open the external case and swap the hdd over.
    Now randomly when playing the console I get a random beep. It doesn't affect the system or playing a game but would like to fix it if possible.
    I then got a ps4 pro and it does the same on that console so I assume its something in the hdd that is beeping. Sometimes it can beep once in a 3hr period.

    Any advice, I've googled and all i find is that other people have similar issues.

    All tips and advice are welcomed.



    It seems to be the HDD that's beeping as opposed to your console. Seems common...…ps/

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    Is it to do with a certain model of the Samsung hddd
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