PS4 Brand new or second hand?

Found 1st Jul
Is there any really good reason to buy a ps4 new or for a casual gamer does it not matter?
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No doesn't matter at all, only thing to be wary of is remaining warranty on the console in case of any defects.
I’ve had my PS4 since the day they were released. I stopped playing the games on it about 3 years ago and now just use it to play downloaded content that comes in certain file formats. The PS4 is still in perfect working order so I don’t see a problem with buying a used one. Just make sure the warranty seal is still intact, if it’s broken it could have been opened and the console possibly be refurbished or repaired.
I’d get new just for the piece of mind it should last longer.
Get new. Price difference on new and second hand is not a lot and I would rather pay that little by extra for a brand new bit of kit.
Depends on the price. Amazon prime day is on the 16th.
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