PS4 C Chassis Really Loud!?

Found 28th Dec 2015

Had my PS4 bundled with Star Wars battlefront delivered today. Enjoying it, however surprised by how loud it is!! I've come from a slim Xbox 360 that was pretty quiet, well compared to this. Having looked online people say the c chassis is quiet compared to the older models. Could I have a faulty model or is there a way of making it quieter in the settings??
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I get bairly no sound at all from mine. It's just new.
I found mine loud for the first day or so but found that it has quietened. So perhaps it is as a result of it running itself in?
I got the Taken King edition for Christmas and I'm really disappointed by how loud it is. The fans seem fairly quiet, but there's a really annoying buzzing noise coming from the PSU (I think) when playing games. Is the noise coming from the fans in yours?
I have a 1TB c chassis and yes when the game disc is spinning (first 30 seconds of a game or so) but then its quiet. i had a b chassis before and it was definately quieter
Just sounds like the fans to me. Not sure if it's due to the console being in a compartment in a to cabinet (that will reduce airflow) probably need to put it out in the open!
Read the specs ppl out there on Google c chassis may be speaker but it runs hotter and Can be noisier. FYI not my opinion so please don't shoot the hate at me
Mine it depends on game im playing. Its very loud on saints row for example
I got same bundle xmas day, I thought the same as you but noticed today it was quieter and not spinning disc as loudly, hoping it was just a 1st play thing
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