PS4 Capture card advice

    Hey guys I was thinking of making some videos, the share feature is useful but it only records 15 mins and the quality isn't 100%. What's a good basic capture card and what's a good price? Also, can I record the voices (including mine) in the PS4's party chat somehow?



    I've got an Elgato awesome piece of kit

    You can set it to record up to 60

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    You can set it to record up to 60




    ​its in the share settings if you have a poke around there

    Iv got a 1080p pci capture card from china.. Works a treat but needs a decent system to run it. Cost me around £35 and as for the chat you can buy a multi headset to do ur ps and pc and then you can record voice and party chat.

    I have heard the elgato is great too but if cost is a factor then have a look around as there's plenty of HD capture cards at lower prices but normally the cheaper the price the more it eats up your pc/laptop recourses.
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