ps4 disc keeps ejecting

    my P's4 disc keeps rejecting itself, ive followed instruction on the P's4 page and tightened the disc ejector screw , didn't seem to "tighten" though, it's still ejecting the disc, anyone know a solution? thanks


    Call Sony it will be down to the rubber boot getting to hot.
    There are temporary fixes like the screw etc but see what Sony say.

    wasn't there a known problem with this? my son got a full refund for this problem, contact the seller or sony.

    I used to have that problem with the first gen PS4 with the touch buttons (rather than the tactile push buttons they are now) solved that problem by moving the front of the ps4 so the part right where the button was was overhanging the shelf by about 2cm
    But if you're not using a first gen ps4.... I have no idea probably a software fault or a dodgy button

    Check youtube this is a common problem

    A sign it's on its last legs if my PS4 is anything to go by, needed to buy a new one and got the slim couple of week ago. Hope it's not the same thing but seems possible.

    I've had this problem a couple of times, literally just gave it a good clean. Got rid of as much dust as possible both times and it's worked fine, last time it happened was probably over a year ago

    What game I it?

    I had this exact same problem about 1 year 1/2 ago... I follow a few videos on YouTube and it eventually went away.

    if it's the touch button original model maybe there's just some dust or debris on the touch button

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    What game I it?

    its a DVD it's happening with, just gave it a good clean and it's not doing it anymore, also instead of up on it's side it's now losing flat, hope that makes a difference now

    Had the same problem. Took the rubber foot off the bottom. No joy. Ended up having to take the top off and remove a small metal strip. Quite easy. Just follow the youtube vids like other users have said. Works fine now

    'premature ejection' X)
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