PS4 game upgrade after expiry date?

Found 7th Jan 2014
I currently own a ps3 and have Assassins Creed IV (digital), Battlefield 4, NBA 2k14 and COD Ghosts which contain the upgrade redeem codes. I am wanting to purchase the upgrade discount (which expires end of this month for AC4), but i dont currently own a ps4. Since im waiting for the mega bundle, that will probably be some time. My Q is if i redeem and buy the discount upgrade can i still download the ps4 game after the expiry date (since the purchased discount offer will be tied to my SEN account).
Ive googled, but i cant find a definite answer. Only that you can download game at a later date, but not whether this also implies to after the expiry date. Ive just phoned PS Uk support, and after 10 minutes on hold she said that you cannot download the game after the expiry date. However i have zero faith in UK support since they dont know jack half the time (they took two weeks after i have trouble with DOA5 DLC crossbuy, only to inform me incorrectly that DOA5 doesnt support crossbuy).
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Anything you buy is in your purchase history and you can re download at any point you like. I've got games that have been removed from the playstation network that I can still re download from my purchase history.

Hope that helps =]
As chavkiller says, should be able to re-download after the expiry date. Can't see it being different from any other piece of content on PSN store.
Thanks for the reply's, that is what i am hoping. Ive downloaded 800+ titles from my download history in the past when my HDD failed (that took nearly a month lol).

However, in this case the item that you download (in the case of AC4 anyway) is different to the 'full game' download.
It is called 'Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Discount' Linky

whereas the actual full game is here - linky

... so as you can see its not as straight forward as purchasing the full game @£9.99 and redownloading it at any time later. I assumed it would be, but good old PSN supports response has thrown me somewhat.
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