PS4 games for 10yr old girl ?

After some ideas for ps4 games for a 10yr old girl ? I've already got her Lego Jurassic/Minecraft & maybe looking for a sport game ? Any ideas guys?



I know it's not sports but I'd highly recommend Ratchet & Clank

Plants vs Zombies? Someone on here has mentioned Knack.

If you intend to get PSN credit, I'd buy Ape Escape 2 as a digital download. Such a fun game, my 7yr brother loves it

Yeah not very sporty but some fun games. As mentioned above, ratchet and clank
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I would go with Ratchet and Clank, Tearaway and Little Big Planet 3 - they are all pretty good for kids.

Rocket League is a great game
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Minecraft/Lego games/ratchet & clank/rayman legends/Terraria/little big planet 3

Ps- don't buy knack it's gonna be on ps+ anytime soon (_;)


I know it's not sports but I'd highly recommend Ratchet & Clank

i'd second this

I'd suggest looking through the Indy games. Towerfall has archery and is a platform game. See…s4/
One of my daughters favourites is woah Dave but that's not as such sports.

Everybody's Tennis?

Lego and ratchet is the way to go

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