PS4 Gold wireless headset

Posted 3rd Jan
Can somebody tell me if this headset is worth it?
I’ve seen lots of mixed reviews but I was hoping someone who has personally tried them can tell me

This is what I’m going for…tml?intcmpid=display~RR
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Problem with headsets is it's personal. Someone may have a small head and small ears and find it fantastic, whilst someone with a larger head and big ear may find it horrible. Best bet is to just buy it online, give it a quick go and return it if you don't like it.
+1 for this headset as I have this one. Managed to get it like new for £30 on shpock after my original black/blue one broke. Sound quality is decent and can wear for quite a while with out much of an issue. But like all over ear ones if your ears don't fit inside the cup it can be a tad uncomfortable at times.
Hurt your ears after about an hour, sound is great, buttons are tiny, charge is ok but not great, microphone is awful
HyperX Cloud II are my choice, really good set. Even better with a Turtle Beach TAC
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