PS4 new version move controllers, where to find stock.

Found 26th Dec 2017Edited by:"SOUTHWALES"
Hi, Anyone know where I can purchase the new version of the move controllers?…-vr

Today I telephoned my nearest Game store and asked if they had the new version move controllers, they assured me it was the new latest version, also asked if they had the updated battery and micro usb socket and again they said yes, went 25 miles to game, purchased and went outside to open only to find they were the previous version with mini usb and smaller 1350mah battery. Returned for full refund.

Everywhere I go it is either no stock or the older version. Has anyone managed to find or purchase the new version?
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Haven’t managed to find them either but I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s not going to be long before they scrap the move controllers all together for a proper upgraded Move 2.0 with integrated thumb sticks.

Can only hope they get their heads knocked together & release proper controllers for their VR.
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