Found 16th Aug 2015
Hi guys,

Need some help!!, my PS4 has suddenly stopped working with my LG 37 inch TV; the TV has a message detailing 'no signal'. I have tried the PS4 with the Samsung TV downstairs and all fine. My PS3 also works with the LG TV, so I am quite confused as to what exactly is happening.

When I switch the PS4 off after seeing the ‘no signal’ message, it has an orange light, whereas on the Samsung TV, no problems in starting and turning off the console.

I have had a look at the internet and turned off the PS4 and the TV together, changed HDMI cables.. still not luck
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is it the original HDMI supplied with the PS4 you are using?
I had an issue after an update in a ps3 where it defaulted to a resolution output that was not compatible with my TV but it worked on my monitor, try checking your settings, and also try another hdmi player in the input to the tv, it could be the tv
Have you tried it in another port on the LG TV ?
had the same - replaced HDMI cable and it was fine
Hi guys,

Thanks for the suggestions! , I have tried all the other ports and the problems still persist. It can't be the HDMI as it works with the Samsung TV. I have also tried different HDMI cables and encountered the same problems :-(
Have you tried booting into safe mode?


2nd option in safe mode will set the resolution down to 480p. PS4 may have accidentally been set to a resolution that's unsupported by the TV.
The HDMI cables supplied with the PS4 are terrible.
Must be a resolution issue unless your HDMi port on the tv is broken. Have you tried another device in it? Try playing a different game as I had an issue between tv's/consoles a while back which turned out to be a 3D option not supported by the other TV.
Hi guys, just tried to connect my laptop to the HDMI and still no signal, so I believe it could be the TV. Does anybody know how much it takes to fix the faulty HDMI problem om LG tvs ?
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