PS4 or upcoming ps5?

Found 25th Jun
If i were to buy a PS4 say in a few months time maybe even up to the end of this year, would the ps5 be anywhere close to release date. Because I know that as soon as the new PlayStation hits the market your previous gen has little if any value to it at all. So is it worth waiting for the ps5 or should I just get the PS4. Price is not an issue for buying ps5
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Get the PS4, no sign of a PS5 anytime soon.
plenty of good games, I get ps4 , get cheap second if want and slowly save for ps5, be another two years at least
Ps5 is ages away. Thinking of waiting is stupid
PS5 probably releasing in 2020 at the earliest. I'd get a PS4. It's cheap anyway.
Ps4 definitely.
Upcoming ps5? Only rumours exist so May be go for the ps4 as that's a thing.
I heard PS6 will be out in a few years. Probably wait for that...
Get yourself an Xbox One X. Most powerful console on the planet ( For now ).
Get a used cheap ps4
If you're wanting worthwhile, simply just get the PS4 Pro - the regular PS4 is fine but I'd still personally spend the extra.

The PS4 has been confirmed to be hitting it's lifespan now so a PS5 announcement will be due soon, next two years or so. The PS4 still has some juice left in it for now.
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