PS4 or Xbox ONE for my 8yr old?

Found 7th Nov 2017
Me and my husband are in dispute over which one to get my 8yr old son. My husband thinks the graphics and game play is better on ps4 (i think it's just his preference) whereas I'm leaning more to the Xbox as most of my friends children have them and the added reason you can play Roblox on the xbox, not the ps4. Can anyone offer anymore differences between the two to help us decide. Thx
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I would say go with whatever his mates have got.
I would say go with whatever his mates have got.
Skaman11 m ago

I would say go with whatever his mates have got.

Getting an Xbox to play with his mates only really works if you pay the £40 a year subscription on top for the ability to play online with friends and others. If you do not wish to pay the subs/want your 8yo online, then either will do.
Sounds like Dad wants a PS4. I'd say get the Xbox, the graphical improvement is very small (likely undetectable by an 8 yr old.) and what he'll want to do most is play with friends.
At least you know what to buy the hubby for Xmas

But seriously, having better graphics means nothing when your friends are playing on another console together.
My 10 year old son has his own Xbox one and I game share with him so he has access to lots of new games and the monthly games with gold (age restricted of course) but he still plays mostly Minecraft and Roblox with his school friends so get an Xbox.
Xbox one s, has so many great deals, it usually what console all his friends are on,
Thanks all, looks like it’s gonna be an expensive Xmas - Xbox upstairs ps4 downstairs!
Don’t worry, either one will cause you and your other half grief...over the time your child spends on it, and later about getting homework done instead of playing games.
Based on what you said get a xbox, this is a great deal click.
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