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    hi guys looking to sell my P's4 500gb, was wondering how much roughly you can get for it these days, was looking to upgrade to the P's4 pro. thanks


    With recent deals which was £150 with fifa 17, it will depend on condition, is it b or c chassis? And are bundling any game/extra controllers etc

    I want it for £135

    You won't get much for a used PS4 at this point in time. Let the memory of the recent deal die down a bit and then try.

    Around £150 depending on type, condition ect...

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    I don't know what type of chassis how do I find that out? I could throw in a few games with it

    I got 165 credit for my launch ps4 from game by price matching with cex. This was last week.

    Try Cex. Gives you a decent-ish price and they are guaranteed to accept it

    140? And pay first!
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