PS4 Pro and games installing?

Found 25th Dec 2017
Never had a recent PlayStation. The last version I had was a PS2. Anyhow, all the games I put in seem to instantly install straight to the hard drive. Is this normal?

Is there no way of just putting the disk in and playing? It’s made for a rather slow and tedious Christmas thus far!

Its brand new and I went through the standard installation, so there wasn’t any settings or options that I selected to make it a priority to install to the hard drive.

I’d usually manually do this on my X360 as it made the game load a little quicker.
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Hi, yes it's normal, Xbox one is the same. Some games though will let you play after a certain percentage is installed and some have to install the lot.

Then there's the game updates if you want to go online, and also system updates... It's the new annoying era of gaming lol., No more just putting the game in.
That's why I always tell family members or friends to set it up the day before giving them as presents the next day. The initial set up of games, updates and console can take hours in some cases, especially if your IP is having a sluggish day. For example, we got our daughter an xbox last year and I installed all the games on Christmas eve so it was just a case of plug in and play on the day.

It's a trap a lot of people fall into. I'm assuming discs are merely used on current consoles as verification that you own the licence as actually playing the games doesn't use the discs like they did last gen.
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Cheers people, what a faff.
You don't say what games you're trying here, but as some potential reassurance, it's rare for PS4 games to take more than around 5-10 minutes or so to install from disc, though there are a few notable exceptions. What can take much longer, depending on the speed of your internet connection, is downloading updates, though these are usually optional (albeit recommended)
Games cannot run from BluRay Disk only as the BluRay drive is not fast enough to load the game data, this is why they install to HD.
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