Ps4 Pro hdcp2.2/hdr issues

Found 11th Dec 2017
Hi all,

Like what seems a large number of you, I took advantage if great deals for an LG OLED C7, PS4 Pro and PSVR in the last few weeks. However I have struggled to pair up the PS4 Pro to the OLED tv using new hdmi cables in the wall that worked for my original PS4 (the OG PS4 got a hdr firmware update so this worked for games like Fifa18)

What I find is a black screen when the LG’s Ultra HD Deep Colour (HDR) setting is on. Turning it off allows the Pro to work perfectly but surely this is a waste of its incredible power?

The steps I have taken are
1) Put into safe mode and set hdcp to 1.4 only (surely I can’t do this long term?)
2) Disable hdcp in the Pro’s settings
3) Force resolution to 2160 RGB

The above works but flickers so much that it’s unplayable. The only solution seems to be turning the Ultra HD setting off.

There are many of you far more knowledgeable than me so I ask:
1) Is there any way I can get around this and enjoy 4K gaming with HDR?
2) Is the PS4 Pro without the Ultra HD Deep Color setting on better than the OG PS4 With it? Should I just give up?

Thank you all in advance for your advice.

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Have you tested the cable that came with the PS4 to rule this out? I thought it had been fixed through software updates ages ago
as long as the cable is high speed, should be fine, tho i quickly check with the one ps4 came with
and what exactly problem, is it not showing hdr on ps4 display spec menu
Seem to remember last year there was meant to be a firmware update by LG to address the issues you mention perhaps it's still to be resolved? Somone more in the know may be able to comment further.
Thanks everyone for your advice. It turns out that while my cable was hdmi 2.0b it was an utter dud and the others I tried were the same brand. I’ve fohnd any length over 5m is a little hit and miss with regards to 4k/uhd.

Thanks again!
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