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Posted 18th Dec 2019
Hi guys im hoping someone can help
I purchased a ps4 pro that had a slight power fault , off ebay
Ive received it but the power supply looks dodgy or im not sure if its just me
The pros ive seen take the kettle plug type power cord, but this one takes the standard power cable like on the ps4 slims?
Are power supplys available with that connection for the pro?

Hope thats not a stupid question as im so confused at the moment lol

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The 7200 model uses the smaller figure eight style cable.
Our pro uses the same power as our slim
Oh thanks guys, i thought id received a dud lol..really appreciate it
I did not know this .. very interesting.. thanks
OP .. why did you not just plug it in & see if it works? The hardware looks legit, no sign of tampering.. what were you imagining you had bought, some sort of Frankenstein PlayStation?
I’m going to keep my launch model purely for this little quirk ..
What do you mean by "the power supply looks super dodgy"? As said above, the older Pro consoles use the larger kettle type lead, and the newer models use the same smaller figure eight lead as the non-Pro consoles. But if the console has a lead that fits in to the socket then why worry about it? When you said dodgy I initially thought you meant dodgy as in a frayed cable or something.
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