PS4 Pro / PSVR HDR Solution?

Found 1st Oct 2017
Upgraded to a ps4 pro on friday to play on my 4K HDR tv. Fifa looks great with HDR, not as good without...

Love playing the PSVR but gutted to find it it blocks HDR from working! Constantly having to change 2 cables is gonna be a real pain in the ass.

has anyone found a decent workaround for this?
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A HDCP 2.2 switch with HDR support would do the job - plug the PS4 output into the input and plug the TV into one output and the PSVR HDMI cable into the other - you'd then have to carry the PSVR output into a separate HDMI input on the TV:…JGZ

A more elegant solution would be to use a HDCP 2.2 splitter with HDR support to carry the PS4 output to the TV and PSVR simultaneously but I'm not sure which the PS4 would detect (if it detects the PSVR unit, it'll disable HDR). Splitters need a power supply so factor that in (and the same applies for having 2 HDMI inputs on the TV).…8IT

I don't know if the linked products actually work... they say they do on paper but I haven't tried either (happy to be a cable fumbler for now).
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