PS4 Pro - Should I hang on for it?

Found 19th Sep 2016
Ok - So by finally clearing out my old phone drawer at CEX, I've got nearly £300 of store credit. My kids really want to move up from our old XBox360 to a current console and all of their friends are on PS4's. That amount of credit would get me an old style 1TB PS4, an extra controller and a couple of older games to kick-start things.

Or it would get me a new Ps4 slim (now in CEX online shop at £260) and a extra controller and the kids have to buy their own used games...

Or if I wait to mid-Nov and throw in £50-60 of my own cash, it could get me a PS4 Pro with just the one handset.

The techie-geek in me is saying hold on for the newer faster kit since it's (in real money) a minimal upgrade cost and it would mean if PSVR games turn out to be worth playing, I'd have the more powerful console to get the best out of them.

But on the flipside, I've a 1 year old 1080p TV which isn't getting changed anytime soon and the PS4 would still be a big step up for the kids to enjoy.

Any purchasing advice to offer - given that I'm tied to CEX for whatever purchase I end up making?
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You mentioned the PSVR, it's fairly expensive but if you are planning on buying that I'd probably hold out for the pro one.
Just think that if this console has to do the kids for 2-3 years (and it will!) I probably want one that at least allows us to 'invest' in PSVR at some point and actually get a playable outcome. The previews all seem to suggest the the orig / Slim PS4 is just not going to have the 'grunt' to drive PSVR at a decent visual quality.
I'd just get a ps4/slim or an Xbox one,ps4 pro is a waste of money and if you wanna go for the 4K just get the one s
also a ps4 pro from cex will cost more than it would do to buy a brand new one, they usually charge more than retail for a while so they get more stuff traded in.
Yes hang on.
you can sell your cex vouchers for 80% of face value so £240 cash.

Yes. Wait it out.
Ive just purchased a Sony Bravia HDR 4K TV specifically for when the PS4 pro gets released. I already own the original PS4 and the PS VR and i cant wait to try it out on the new powerful condole.
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