PS4 problem? DVD's skipping & leaving odd residue

Found 8th Aug 2015
I'm trying to watch through Supernatural, bought brand new and it's skipping every 10 minutes! I take the disc out and there is a rough residue on my disc (Sometimes a ring around the disc or large patches near the centre of the disc).

Is there a problem with the laser or is it overheating?

Cheers in advance
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It's common with front loading disk trays apparently. It's a common issue caused by lubricant inside? One suggestion would be to get an old disk and play it over and over until the residue is gone.
If the residue is a dry dust like consistency try hoovering the inside of the tray carefully. The disks affected should be easily cleanable. IF it causes scratches on playing that would be a different issue.
A friend of ours had the same problem so looked into it. Hope this helps
Fingerprints and mishandling plus dust causes damage to both disks and laser head. Basically what happens is that fingerprints leave a slight residue of grease on the disk which then collects the dust and when the laser tracks over the area heat causes the carp to burn the laser head as well as the carp on the disk.

Learn to handle to disks correctly and try a head cleaner (about £5 at most superstores)
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