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Found 3rd Mar 2018
I was looking into buying Crash remastered Trilogy, and the region it shows on Cdkeys was for Europe, and I was unsure if it would work on a UK account, I know we're obviously in Europe, but generally codes for the UK say UK. Anyway getting to the point, I noticed on their twitter page someone had asked the same question, and they said it would work fine. So I went ahead and bought and downloaded and it' fine.

Now to my issue, I then went ahead and bought MW remastered standalone, the code worked, but when clicking confirm, to download, it tells me the code isn't valid, I clicked the support link and it shows the troubleshoot code showing as a possible region error?
Can anyone help. Has anyone else bought the MW:R code and had an issue? I've emailed CDkeys earlier but with it being Saturday evening I don't expect anything back any time soon.…ps4
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Might have to create EU account and activate on that or sell the key on
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