PS4 Sonic Mania Collector's Edition Amazon Used - Very Good Condition Question

Found 15th Dec 2017
I want to get Sonic Mania Collector's Edition for my PS4 which Is Used - Very Good Condition. Has anybody brought from Amazon warehousedeals with Used - Very Good Condition. And how good are the conditions from Amazon warehousedeals? Thanks for your time
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I once bought books in a used very good condition from the Amazon warehouse and they were atrocious but the PS4 in like new condition was actually new, 50/50 shot. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Give it a go and if you're not happy with the condition return it for a refund
Thanks guys for the kind replies. Gonna give It a go and will return If I am not happy with the condition.
Ive had loads of stuff from the warehouse and its always been fine. The worst i had was some ripped packaging on one item
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