Posted 22nd Dec 2020
my dualsense controller broke last night, i was playing fenyx rising when suddenly R2 went all soft and didn't spring back properly and my character kept swinging axe repeatedly.
I called sony today and after nearly 2 hours on hold as soon as i said ps5 controller, he already knew it was R2 and said its a common known issue and they've been having large amount of returns for it, so it could take up to a month to repair or replace including xmas delays.
He advised me to go back to argos without the console and try to swap it, i tried that and argos said they can't unless i return console too but obviously they can't give me a new one due to no stock.
i went to a different argos and bought a controller and will take faulty one back in its place tomorrow, a month is too long, had to do it.
i just googled it and seems there's many reports of it online already and videos on youtube, anyone here had this issue ?
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