Posted 25th Dec 2022
Merry Christmas everyone!
I’d like to ask you guys for some advice please?
Which internal SSD is the best for upgrading PS5 please? I’ve seen a few on the market but I want to get the best (looking for a 1TB)

Thanks in advance!
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    Don't see the point in upgrading to 1tb SSD as you only get aprox 105gb over the ps5 standard 825gb SSD. That's factoring in OS requirements and formatting space of actual 1tb SSD. Look to get 2tb as minimum like the western digital 850 or Samsung 980 pro...
    Incorrect it expands the existing storage, so if you add 1tb it will be roughly 1.8tb in total. (edited)
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    Thank you so much
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    I've got a Crucial P5 Plus 1TB, think it was around £82 for that and the heatsink but got it on offer. Anything around the £100 for both is fine.
    1TB is a really good upgrade, gave me plenty more room
    Same.  Keep an eye out for offers and something will pop up.  There were some crackers in BF and the prices if these things will only come down over time.
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    Thanks for all the comments! Much appreciated
    What games you got installed now, are they games like CoD which take absolutely loads of room or regular games? My mate just deleted stuff he wasn't playing saved him loads, and deleted clipped videos he'd saved
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    Upgraded to a 2tb Western Digital ssd with heatsink for around 177 a few months back for Daughter with no problems
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    I have installed a 1tb ADATA s70 blade (which included the heat sink) and it is faultless. No difference in running games from this or the pre installed M2. Took about 2 minutes to fit into spare bay of ps5. 
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