Ps5 - new models (CFI-1202 variant)

Posted 4th Oct 2022
Anyone bought a ps5 in last few weeks and managed to get one with a disc drive in the new model ?

I’m having hell on with game who told me I would receive the new model (3 different people including In different stores and one via email) before I received it told me it would be the new CFI-1202 model. I’m having a nightmare getting them to send me the new model. (Part of the problem is I managed to grab the FIFA deal which should have been 539 but I got it for 509). Anyway in store they have the 1200 model without a disc drive but my sons got tons of discs and games for ps4. Two people on their webchat told me to pay to return it , and then they will refund me and that will be resolved. They claim no 1200 models are in this country yet (despite the fact the diskless one is in my local story, but not the disc version )

I just need help confirmed if anyone’s gotten the new version
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