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Posted 20th Jun 2021
Ok, so I’ve had a PS5 from day one pre ordered the same night it was available after the announcement. i manage to grab a ratchet and clank bundle ps5 so i go and sell the OG ps5 as only a few months left on the warranty. £460 at cex, got a shiny new console with 1 YEAR warranty yaaaaay! don’t have to worry for the year if anything goes wrong! AFTER 1 day I’m on destiny 2, I go into the kitchen get a drink, come back in screen has no signal displaying? i was wtf changed hdmi’s nothing power button wouldn’t shut off, blue light on PS5 was blinking there’s a post on Reddit seems it’s bricked.. I’ve held down the power button and it comes up this message which starts slowly works it’s way up to 99% and then absolutely nothing waited hours doesn’t get past it. Really can’t believe how cursed i really am.
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