PSA: Don't upgrade to Expansion Pack if you're a Nintendo Switch Online member

Posted 26th Oct 2021
Hey all

Dunno if it's been mentioned, but it is not financially viable to upgrade if you're on NSO already.

The pro rata discount they offer is 4p a day. However, 17.99/365 is 4.9p so should be rounded to 5p, as an existing member "perk"

This may not sound like much but thats an extra 25% discount. If you have exactly 365 days of NSO remaining, the discount is not 17.99 as it should be, it's 14.60. That's quite a significant difference between the price NSO is meant to cost and the discount offered.

I'm not going to get into the performance issues - they will likely improve - this is purely based on financial, and it's a much better offer for new users than existing.

Hope this helps those on the fence, or those with stacked memberships
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