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Found 4th Jan
Figured I would share my experience here to warn others about this. I know about the negative concerns regarding Chinese websites and concerns around Gearbest and others, but honestly I had never really had problems purchasing from there before. My main complaint was a customs tax receipt when receiving presents last year, but little more than that. However this year I tried buying from Geekbuying after seeing some deals on here.
I ordered some goods on black friday, who geekbuying say they have been dispatched. Got hit with a sudden £90 extra customs invoice... miserable but ok, and then receive the item and they have only sent one item. Looking back through the order, both have been requested but on further inspection their commercial invoice available after sending the package shows only 1 item. I have chased them for weeks, only managed to get some acknowledgement after calling them on the phone and their not responding to multiple emails. I am unable to chase up DHL to get the evidence needed for their "missing item" policy as they have yet not provided me with the required details to speak to DHL on the phone (they have a ridiculous automated phone system and their email system is a bunch of unhelpful fools).
So in conclusion, it cost me 90 quid more to get half the value of my order and for them to ignore me and try and screw me out of a few hundred quid. Thankfully I paid on credit card but I felt I had to write something. Lots of geekbuying offers are appearing on here and the internet has good reviews of their website but I personally think they are dodgy and a much worse customer experience compared to other sellers like Gearbest, Alibaba, Banggood and a few others. The fact that even their "live chat" simply links to their contact us page is pretty poor to begin with, let alone their abysmal contact following any issues.

Rant over, and hope this helps someone. Don't be cheated by these guys!

P.S If things improved, I will update this, but I am currently leaning towards claiming on Section 75 against this due to non-contact from this company. Hopefully this will at least get something moving!

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What is section 75? I am new to teminology

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Felicitous11 m ago

What is section 75? I am new to teminology

Credit card protection on purchases over £100

Its a shame HUKD sheep never get round to reading posts like this instead of voting Chinese seller deals mindlessly hot as they are cheap .

Sheep ! there a reason (several in fact, none of them good ) why Chinese seller deals are cheap
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This post makes a refreshing change.

It's not the OPs first contribution.

ssimonian2 h, 34 m ago

Credit card protection on purchases over £100

ahh thank you for explaining, I always shop with paypal though not credit cards (use a debit one on paypal) so that is why I ahve never heard of 75 before i think, I appreaciate the information
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