PSGroove and PSN Online Gaming

    I have never played on my PS3 via PSN but I am considering the PSGroove JB. Will this stop my ability to play online?

    I really want to play F1 2010 with my friends via PSN!

    I have firmware 3.14


    yes it will, you have to update to the latest firmware which you can't do with psgroove

    Free pirate games or online play.... your decision mate!

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    also, can downloaded games be put onto a HD and played?

    *for example if i paid for the game and it got scratched... could I download and play it? or does it have to be "ripped" from a disk?*


    Free pirate games or online play.... your decision mate!

    It's not all about 'free games' buy another PS3 for online play and keep your old one for homebrew etc.

    Best of both worlds then.

    Bit confused... Does the jailbreak run from an ordinary USB or modified motherboard? Thanks
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    Only thing with your post is both will Fail. At moment there is compatibility issues with F1 2010 where you can't use the Sixaxis, you have to use steering wheel. But in jailbreaking ps3 you lose the PSN.

    So if that is the only game you want, and you want online play. Buy the Game and update and play Online.
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