PSN card needed. Which shop accept paypal?

    Hi guys,

    I need to buy a PSN card but only have funds in paypal. Which shops accept paypal as a method of payment?

    rep for help


    Try ShopTo - I think they take Paypal

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    Try ShopTo - I think they take Paypal

    thanks ill check. repped

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    Instant code link - paypal … Instant code link - paypal accepted

    Thanks for the link. I just signed up to but it wont let me buy it :x

    'Due to the limited availability of digital stock and problems with attempted fraud we have had to limit purchases of digital products to customers who have been shopping with us for at least 30 days on the same credit card - you have no purchase history.'

    Can someone buy this for me, and I'll pay them?(if this is allowed)
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