PSN closure - Must have PS3, PS Vita & PSP Downloads!

Posted 8th Apr 2021
Since its now confirmed that Sony are sadly closing PSN Store for
PS3 and PSP on July 2, 2021
Vita on August 27, 2021

I thought id make a list to help anyone thinking about download/purchasing PS3, PS Vita, PSP and PSN exclusives before they go and you cant access them at all. (Sony have publicly said that as long as you have downloaded something previously you will still be able to after the closure dates) If this gains traction ill regularly update this thread with more titles / prices

So here are some notable digital only/exclusives im aware of:

Crazy Taxi
Dead Nation (also on PS4)
Far Cry Classic
Far Cry Blood Dragon DLC
God of War HD collection
Hydrophobia Prophecy (also on xbox)
Ico HD
Infamous: Festival of Blood DLC
I am Alive (also on xbox)
Jak HD Trilogy
Jet Set Radio
Killzone HD
Litllebigplanet Karting
Motorstorm RC
Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection (also on xbox, not BC however)
Prince of Persia HD Trilogy
PlayStation Battle Royale
Ratchet and clank HD Trilogy
Rag Doll Kung Fu
Resogun (also on PS4)
Resident Evil darkside Chronicles: £21.99 (digital only, £80+ physical)
Resistance Fall of Man
Resistance 2
Sly cooper HD Trilogy
Sonic CD
Sonic Adventure
Sonic Adventure 2
Splinter Cell HD trilogy
The House of Dead 3
The House of Dead 4
Tokyo Jungle
Watchmen (Part i & ii)
Wipeout HD

PS2: Full Classic…n_3
(To Be updated)

PS1: Full Classic List:…on)

Castlevania Symphony of the night (physical goes for £400+)
Driver (£1.99 bargain)
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions
Silent Hill
Spyro Dragon Trilogy (£7.99)
Syphon Filter 1
Syphon Filter 2
Syphon Filter 3
Tekken / Ridge Racer Type 4 doublepack
Wild Arms

- Many of the Disney PS1 games are on sale at £1.69

PS Vita:
Adventure Time
Bitrip Runner 2
Cel Damage HD
Child of Light
Counter Spy
Darkest Dungeon
DC's Injustice
Dead Nation
Dead or Alive 5
Don't Starve
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z
Dragon Quest Builders
Dungeon Hunter: Alliance
Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends
Geometry Wars 3
God of War Collection
Gravity Rush
History: Legends of War Patton
Hotline Miami 1+2
Hustle Kings
Jet Set Radio
Killzone: Mercenary
Little Big Planet
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Metal Gear Solid 2+3 Collection
Mortal Kombat
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Nuclear Throne
Olli Olli 1+2
Papers Please
Persona 4 Golden
Ratchet & Clank Collection
Rayman Origins + Legends
Retro City Rampage DX
Risk of Rain
Rogue Legacy
Salt & Sanctuary
Shakedown Hawaii
Shantae Half Genie Hero
Sly Cooper Collection + Theives in Time
Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed
Stardew Valley
Super Meat Boy
Super Stardust Delta
Uncharted Golden Abyss
Unit 13
Wipeout 2048
Zombie Tycoon 2

PSP Games:
Castelvania DXC
Gladiator Begins
God of War GoS
God of War: Chains of Olympus
Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars
Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories
Justice League Heroes
Killzone Liberation
Power Stone Collection
Soul Calibur
Star Wars Battlefront
Tekken 6

Free DLCs:
(To be updated)

Above games prices can be checked here:…dex as the PSN store is painfully slow

Also you can only buy these games from the PSN store from a PS3, PS Vita or PSP as they have closed off any access to the store via internet browser (frustrating i know)

The above are specific to the UK store only.

Top Tip:
Buy PSN top ups (CDKeys / Instantgaming) before you decide you decide to purchase to maximize your £

Also if you guys have any suggestions let me know, ill add them.

And finally im sorry if anything ive mentioned is on another console too just trying to help
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