PSN downloads - Are they always ultra slow?

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Found 18th Jan 2011
Dug out the PSP and updated to download FF7 to it.

Have paid my £7.99 and am downloading it on my pc via MediaGo - Being quoted 10 HOURS to download 1.29 GB - Seriously? Checked the download speed and last I checked it is downloading around 50k-65k, is this normal for PSN downloads? That's ridiculous...

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Also, I'm not downloading anything else at the moment or doing anything online. Wowee, Xbox > Playstation.

Nope, I download at my max speed from the PSN

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Madness... 4 hours to go, 30% complete... I can usually download at 1.6 MB/s maxed (and did after I paused the PSN DL to check). Ugh, what teh heckles.

Yeh they are always ultra slow.

I download at my maximum speed too.

Non fanboyism>Fanboyism

Maximum here. Virgin meda.

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Bah. No idea why it's so abnormally slow. Downloads are working fine on everything else, just this... Equally slow through the PSP.

On O2 and have just done a hard reset on the router. Screw it I'm going to bed.

PSN seems to vary. I have had days where it's cripplingly slow and days downloads fly down. Don't know why this happens though.
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