PSN Free fraud/identity theft protection scheme

Just had an email through from Sony titled "Welcome Back to PlayStation Store". If you are a PSN user you should reveive one too. Read it all as the Fraud Protection details are in it too.

They appear to be using to give the protection and state you have 60 days from 20th May to apply.


Hmm... At least they're doing something about it I guess. Not heard of this company before though. But cheers for the tip off, must admit I only glanced through the email and didn't realise we actively had to enroll in this! Thought it would be automatic tbh.

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Yeah I nearly didn't notice the mention of it.

Brilliant, Playstation now want me to put my personal details somewhere else, so someone elses server can be hacked. How about one of the worlds biggest electronics companies, just up their security.

With fraud protect you will benefit from our personal information … With fraud protect you will benefit from our personal information monitoring service. This service allows you to register your telephone number, current postal address, date of birth and email address. Every three months we sweep a selection of prime sites such as google on the internet to check if there’s any mention of these details. If there is, we will notify you via e-mail.

Wow. What a service. Who knew google was on the internet now?
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