PSN still down

    Couldnt find a thread for this so if anyone has any info on whats happened feel free to post it here


    I'm online right now???

    mines still down and has been like this since before 12

    mine wasnt working when i got back from work at 10 past 8 am and been trying since i got back from the beach and still no go.

    more info here

    I never switch my ps3 off that's probe why..
    It was really slow finding games before at like 4pm...

    Seems like it's back to Normal now

    I hate you alllllllllllllll
    I've just been signed out and now can't get back online

    From Eurogamer: Sony is investigating the possibility of "targeted behaviour by an outside party" as the PlayStation Network continues to remain offline across the US and Europe.

    They've said it could be a couple of days



    Probably Anonymous again…683

    If Sony are admitting it could take a day or two then I reckon it'll be at least a week.
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