Psn US, i'm jumping on the bandwagon

Found 15th May
I see loads of deals and I'm always tempted to set up an account. it seems straight forward enough but I have a few questions. Will I need ps plus? Can I get Humble bundle games?

I dont know what else to ask but I'm sure there are some issues somewhere. Any tips before hand would be great.
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Setup an account, you need ps plus for one account only to play online, you only get the games on plus for that account and ps plus discounts. So if America has better ps plus discounts and you have a uk ps plus you can’t take advantage of them so choose wisely.

i have always bought psn cards to topup what I needed. I know some people use various methods that work sometimes or for some people (Revolut and other cards). Psn cards always work and you can buy them from amazon USA.
Ps4 console
Set up UK account as primary (optional)
Set up USA account as primary

If the UK account is set as primary and has ps+ both accounts can use the online functions. While the UK gets the store discounts.

Other way around if you do the USA account as the ps+ account.

Because the accounts are set up as primary to your console. You can play any game on either account (basically game sharing with yourself).

Humble bundle games tend to be USA or other regions like Canada or Australia. So based on the redeem tos you can buy the PlayStation bundles (was one recently with capcom or sega).

What I do is;

Both accounts set up to primary on my console (my friends suck for me wanting to game share my Uk account so it's optional).
I then log the USA account download my games then lend my login details to friends. There's only one guide line, they have to be logged in on the USA account to play that game. It will not be shared to other accounts like it is for me.

This doesn't stop me having access to the same game at the same time due to the primary account rule.
Amazon, pc game supply are the two sites I buy credit and sometimes digital redeem codes (Amazon have done some good deals in the past, as well as cd keys with the last of us being £6).
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