psp !

    my OH just got pandora battery and card is there any were i can get a step by step guide on how to use it and put games on thanks in advance rep given tried u tube no luck there


    is the card formated as a magic card yet?

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    i got it from deal extreme said it was

    if the memory card is already formatted then you should be ready from the get go. Place the fully charged battery in the psp insert the memory card turn on the psp and it should power on straight to the service menu where you can reinstall the firmware. DO NOT format the memory card yourself otherwise you will wipe it if it is already a magic memory card

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    ok will have a try cheers

    here is a guide to help you if you need to create the pandora or magic memory card…549

    the memory card/pandora battery from deal extreme is not pre-setup as a MMS. you still have to make the magic memory stick yourself
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