PSP 3003 - Custom Firmware?

Found 28th Aug 2010
Never chipped or anything any of my consoles before but was just wondering if it was possible to do with the PSP?

If so a lengthy description would be good. :P

Thanks in advance yawl.
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Taken from the Wikipedia entry for "PlayStation Portable Slim & Lite Series" beneath the PSP 3000/Homebrew heading...

The homebrew community were initially unable to hack the later PSP-2000s … The homebrew community were initially unable to hack the later PSP-2000s and the PSP-3000 because it had a new CPU (motherboards revealed to be TA-088v3 (for PSP Slim) and TA-090v2 (for PSP-3000)) which does not support the PRE IPL Exploit used in hacking the previous versions. This is due to the Motherboard having its own PRE IPL where it checks the firmware thoroughly, if passed the PRE IPL is cut off entirely to prevent unwanted modifications to the system.In November 2008, Datel announced a "Lite Blue Tool" battery which allows the PSP-3000 to boot into service mode. This battery is not able to start homebrew as the new PRE-IPL has yet to be cracked. [21] The Lite Blue Tool was deterred from distribution due to legal action by Sony.[22] Some time later, Datel changed the name from Lite Blue Tool to Max Power Digital and changed the description.[23]MaTiaZ, a known hacker in the PSP hacking community found an exploit which is done with a US copy Gripshift and a HEN save game exploit. However, this was only temporary. After the release of this initial hack, a sizable increase in sales of the game was experienced. Many eBay sellers inflated their prices to cash in on the sudden demand. A revised version of the PSP firmware (v5.03) was released shortly after to patch the exploit. [24] MaTiaZ found a TIFF exploit which is proven to work on 5.02 firmware for PSP-3000 as well as 5.03 firmware for PSP Slim & Lite and the original PSP. However, Davee, another known hacker found a new TIFF exploit and has created a Homebrew Enabler (HEN) which would allow the execution of unsigned code by users. In the Sony Official firmware 5.50, the TIFF compatibility has been removed, therefore disabling any future attempts on TIFF exploits. The HEN for the TIFF exploit, which was called "ChickHEN", was released on May 5, 2009.[25][26][27]On June 5, 2009, Custom Firmware 5.03GEN-A for HEN was released, which is compatible with both PSP-2000 v3 and PSP-3000. It allows users to play game backups (ISO/CSO), PS1 games, and includes access to PSN, VSH, and recovery mode.[28] This marked a major step forward in ending Sony's PSP-3000 piracy protection. Two days later, on June 7, 2009, the PRE-IPL of the PSP-3000 was also partially cracked when a duo of hackers Xenogears and Becus25 released custom firmware support software for the formerly unhackable handheld called "Custom Firmware Enabler 3.01" in which PSP-3000 users can install custom firmware and flash those firmware's files onto the PSP's RAM with the aid of "ChickHEN".[29][21]

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