Found 2nd Nov 2006
Looking for a Brand New PSP for my little un for xmas.
Wheres the cheapest place/vouchers etc?
really looking at just the base pack at the min as I already have one and a few games.
Normal price seems to be £149, can anyone beat this?

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hmv have alot of codes out at the moment. there is a 10% off and a 15% off cant get these to work with a PSP though. probably exclude games consoles.

there is £5 off £35 and another £3 voucher for registering for for e-vouchers.

so thats £8 off plus anything you get back off quidco.

or boots.

you get 10% off (BFTF77) plus 1000 points (GENK83), but they only sell value packs (also white ones) so you get that down form 179.99 to 161.99 plus £10 point on you boot card. and then quidco after that?

worth messing around with the codes for boots and HMV see which one comes out best for you.

did u not sell a psp not so long ago on here?

Original Poster

no, never sold it, decided to keep it.
Young un wants one for xmas, pref a pink one! or black, but not white


You can get it cheaper from [url][/url], if you don't mind waiting for some of the cash back via quidco and some of the cash back via boots card points.

Value pack is £179.99

But with 10% off, 12% points cashback and 6.5% quidco, the effective price drops down to:


However, you'd have to pay £161.99 at the till, get £19.43 back in boots card points and wait for your £10.53 quidco points back.

Given that it's Christmas and boots already do 3 for 2 on lots of their presents, you can use those £19.43 points to get quite a few presents out the way.

Hope it helps!
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