Which is better the jap or english ver of the psp ??? Its just that ive picked up a cheap psp but its a jap one it dose play english the games im just seenin for they r better ....

    Many thanks :thumbsup:


    I think the Jap version is better as they come with a better screen installed. I'm not sure if thats still true but it was a while back so I presume it still is. The Jap version has a Sharp screen and the rest have a samsung screen. The sharp version is apparently sharper and less prone to dead pixels.


    The sharp version is apparently sharper


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    thanks m8

    apart from the screen thing the psp are all identical

    games are all region free too

    i have a jap one and it looks as good as the english version.

    to be honest i've played vice stories side by side on a samsung and a sharp and couldn't see any difference!

    Japanese has a slightly better screen then english. Both will play any region games. However both are locked to a regoin for UMDs.

    Japanese also uses a diff button then the english one as the 'ok' button on games. However if you've only ever played a japanese console this won't bother you.

    If you downgrade it and put custom firmware on it however it will unlock to play all UMDs and you can even change the 'ok' button to the same as the uk one, so there really isn't much difference other than the screen.

    How is the button different? Is it a physical difference or a software thing?

    no. just the X and the O button are opposite on jap/uk

    uk ... x = OK and O = back
    vice versa for jap


    no. just the X and the O button are opposite on jap/ukuk ... x = OK and … no. just the X and the O button are opposite on jap/ukuk ... x = OK and O = backvice versa for jap

    What they said

    i forgot about that cause it always throws me. first thing i did when the OE firmware on was put it onto uk spec. certain games still do it though, catch me out. not many though luckily!
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