Found 1st Dec 2008
Need some advice. I have an Orginal Ceramic White PSP 1006 with Custom Firmware and a 4gb Sony Pro Duo. I've had it for around a Year an Half. The System is in like new condition. Does not have a scratch on it screen has had a screen protector on it from Day 1. Comes with Orginal Box and everything it came with in Box... Charger. White Pouch, Strap, Manuals, Headphones.... I want to Upgrade now to a PSP 2000 Metallic Blue due to it have Skype and I use Skype every day to contact my Girlfriend in the UK so it would be very handy for me. Also I'd liek to the Metallic Blue one because it looks godamn sexy! Im not so Keen on the 3000 Model as they feel too much like plastic and there isnt enough weight in it I think.... Anyways back to the point. How much would my older PSP be worth in Australian Dollers? I'd like to maybe list it on Ebay over here but havent decided lol any feedback be great

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depending where you sell it could be around $95-120
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