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    Im looking to buy a psp (probably a used one for about £100). Iv seen a few on ebay that come with a disk full of games and films.

    Can anyone explain what these are? Are they original games and films?
    Many Thanks


    yup, i'm selling one right now (search ebay on seller = kgcampbell).

    Anyway, if you buy a PSP with Firmware 1.5, you can basically flash on a hacked firmware (such as dark alex's 3.10 or whatever he's up to now) that allows you to play homebrew and legally backed up ISOs of games. Some people are selling PSPs that are pre-flashed with the newest 3rd party firmwares, if that floats your boat more.

    The discs that people are selling with the PSP are full of said leagally backed up ISOs. Thus you are getting a PSP, with a firmware on it that allows such things.

    Sony release new Firmware, some people upgrade as it gives them extra functionality, but then haxors come along and hack the firmware allow you to do 'other stuff' and retain the functionality.

    Oh, how we laugh at sony.

    Now, i don't think i can say much more without being censored regarding piracy and stuff, so i won't.


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    pm'd thanks
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